Sidekick Smart smartwatch

You’re eligible to receive a custom-designed smartwatch through LifeStation at no cost. This medical alert system can help you call for help in an emergency, 24/7. It can even track your steps, check the local weather and monitor your heart rate.

It provides you with:

• Prevention — track your steps, monitor your heart rate or check the local weather

• Independence — provides support to live in your home, on your own, for longer

• Peace of mind — for caregivers, family and friends

• Safety and security — you have round-the-clock access to qualified, trained LifeStation care specialists for emergency help

What’s included?

Heart rate monitor: Use Sidekick Smart smartwatch to measure heart rate.

Pedometer: Tracks step count to monitor daily activity and help improve physical well-being.

Location services: Combines GPS & WiFi signals to pinpoint your location.

Weather forecast: Use your Sidekick Smart smartwatch to check the weather at any time.

Water resistant: Wear while showering, washing hands and during everyday activities for 24/7 protection.

In case of emergency, how does the Sidekick Smart smartwatch work?

You can get help with the press of a button, even when you can’t reach a phone.

1.      Press your device’s help button.

2.      Your call is answered in seconds.

3.      The situation is quickly assessed.

4.      Help is on the way.