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Find out if we cover the drugs you take and estimate how much you’ll pay for them.

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The formulary (list of covered drugs) will tell you:

  • The drugs we cover

  • The tier a drug is on

  • Any limits or requirements before we cover the drug

  • If the drug is eligible for home delivery

2024 Formulary (PDF)

Estimate your out-of-pocket costs for your drugs

2024 Drug cost look up tool

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Other prescription drug information

Changes to the formulary (list of covered drugs)

We review our drug list on a monthly basis and make changes as necessary. Most changes are positive. An example would be adding new generics that have come on the market.

Sometimes we have to remove a drug from our formulary. An example is if the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says a drug is unsafe or the drug maker takes the drug off the market.

Prior authorization and quantity limit

Some drugs have rules you need to follow before we cover them. These include:

  • Prior authorization: You or your doctor must get approval from us before we cover the drug. 

  • Quantity limit: For certain drugs, we limit the amount you can get. 

You and your doctor can ask us to make an exception to one of our coverage rules. This includes requesting an exception to a prior authorization or quantity limit rule.

Request an exception online

Transition rules

There may be times where you’re taking a drug that either isn’t on our drug list or has special rules before we cover it. Learn about our transition process to see if you’re eligible for a short-term supply of medication while you consider your options. This temporary supply allows you to work with your doctor to either transition to a new drug or request an exception to continue your current drug.

Details about our 2024 transition process (PDF)

Step Therapy Information (PDF)

Drug List Changes (PDF)

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