It’s time to enroll in Medicare

You’ve worked hard all your life, so we want to make sure you enjoy retirement. That’s why we’re giving you helpful information to help you understand Medicare and get the most from your health care plan.

Be prepared for enrollment

Ready to sign up for Medicare? For most people, the Medicare enrollment period opens three months before they turn 65 and ends three months after their birthday. Depending on your situation, you may be automatically enrolled in Traditional Medicare (Parts A and B).

You can apply for Medicare online at or enroll at your local Social Security office. Visit for more detailed information.

Make the process easy by ensuring you have all your information and documentation organized before you sit down to sign up. Having everything mentioned in our guide will help make the process a breeze.

Get your documentation guide

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You’ve enrolled in an Aetna® Medicare Advantage plan. Now what?

Congratulations! Let’s learn about some important steps to take as you continue your Medicare journey with us.

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What else can I learn about Medicare?

Learn about the other stages of getting ready for Medicare enrollment. Stay connected to the Medicare information through each step on your eligibility path.